PRK and LASIK Alternatives

What is better, PRK or LASIK?

One is not better than the other and the results are similar. In certain situations one may be a better option for you given your specific situation/characteristics.

Which is cheaper, PRK or LASIK?

There is no difference in cost for PRK or LASIK.

Why do PRK instead of LASIK?

If you have a thin cornea, atypical corneal shape, a very high prescription or you perform high risk activities (like contact sports) where you may get hit in the eye.

Can you go blind from PRK?

No you cannot go blind from PRK (or LASIK).

How much is PRK per eye?

Around $2600 per eye.

Can PRK be done twice?

Yes, it can be done twice if needed.

Which lasts longer, PRK or LASIK?

They both last the same amount of time.

How many years does PRK last?

Hopefully PRK will last you forever, some patients will need a touch up in the future but most patients will not.

Can PRK make your vision worse?

In general, no it cannot. All procedures carry some risk but it would be exceedingly rare to make your vision worse and this is typically when someone undergoes surgery who is not a good candidate.

Is PRK better for dry eyes?

No. This is an old dogma but new studies show no difference in the frequency of dry eye between LASIK and PRK.

How long will my eyes be blurry after PRK?

Everyone recovers differently, we tell patients to prepare for a week which is the most common but it could be shorter or longer than that.

How long after PRK can I rub my eyes?

Its recommended to wait at least one week before rubbing your eyes after PRK surgery.

How long does dry eye last after PRK?

It depends on the patient, but typically a few weeks and some patients don’t experience dryness at all. Artificial tears usually help with dryness

How bad is PRK recovery?

Recovery varies from patient to patient. Some patients experience mild discomfort for a few days to a week.

What can you not do after PRK surgery?

No swimming for two weeks after PRK. We recommend sunglasses outside. Otherwise, no other restrictions.

What is the fastest way to recover from PRK?

Recovery is unpredictable but your eyes heal very quickly. A thousand milligrams of Vitamin C per day can help the healing process.

What is the difference between LASIK and PRK?

With LASIK, there is flap created then the cornea is reshaped with the laser. With PRK there is no flap creation. The laser reshapes the cornea on the surface.

Which is safer, LASIK or PRK?

We do not feel one procedure is safer vs. the other. There are risks and benefits to both. We will recommend which procedure we feel is safest for you based on your specific situation.

Is PRK eye surgery painful?

Most patients dont experience any pain during the PRK procedure but do feel some irritation for a few days after surgery.