How many procedures should my surgeon have done?

Although having done a few hundred procedures is a good basis, we would not consider the number of procedures performed as the most important element in my decision. There are 2 3 other questions that we feel are more relevant:

1– How many procedures does the person perform currently on a monthly basis. Research has shown that higher-volume surgeons tend to have lesser complications.

2– Does your surgeon have specific fellowship training in LASIK. Even if somebody has performed thousands of LASIK cases, they may not have seen a complication that happens 1:5000 times. Fellowship training prepares somebody for all unexpected situations and is a reasonable gauge on the level of preparedness.

3– How does your surgeon track their own outcomes? Do they have electronic records allowing them an automated record review? How often do they do it? Ask to see the results.

Remember, it does not matter as much who is flying the plane when the skies are blue. You want to be in the hands of a pilot who has flown in all sorts of weather and who is going to land that plane on the Hudson should birds hit the engine!

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