I read on the internet that the LASIK flap never heals, is that true?

It is true that your surgeon is able to free up your LASIK flap even years after the procedure. That said, the flap does not move that easily. It requires significant trauma to your eye for the flap to move. We have seen 2 such cases in the last 14 years. The flap can then be put back in position.

When can I shower after LASIK?

You can shower the next day. Just avoid rubbing your eyes.

When can I go skiing after LASIK?

As long as you don’t rub your eyes, you can go skiing as soon as a week after LASIK. The reason we say a week is because you may fall and hit your eye. More healing is needed than for just plain exercise.

How soon can I watch TV or work on a computer?

It is ok to watch TV or work at a computer as soon as you wake up from the 4 hours nap after LASIK. The key really is to avoid mechanical friction to your eyelids that could displace the flap in the first few days after the procedure.

My vision is fluctuating, especially when I read.?

This is usually an indication of dryness. If your vision improves after you place an artificial teardrop, it confirms the suspicion of dryness

If I need to, can I still wear contact lenses after LVC?

Yes, there is no reason not to be able to. Ask your doctor on when is a good time to do this. I am often asked this question by people who wear cosmetic colored lenses.

When can I fly after LASIK?

You can fly immediately after LASIK. As long as you fly back the next day for your follow up appointment. Many of my patients ask me this question and I am not sure where the misconception originates from but flying is perfectly ok even within hours after the procedure. That said, keep in mind that airplanes are dry environments and you may need to lubricate your eyes in-flight even a few months after LASIK.

When can I exercise after LASIK?

We tell patients that any activity after LASIK has to take into consideration mechanical friction. You really want to avoid moving the flap before it heals really well (2-3 days). You also want to avoid dislodging the contact lens placed in your eye after PRK/LASEK. So, it is ok to exercise 2-3 days later as long as you are self-aware and do not rub your eyes by mistake.

I was told I have \u201cdebris under my flap\u201d, should I be concerned?

On occasion, some secretions from the eyelids will work themselves under the LASIK flap. These are harmless and do not affect the vision or cause problems.

My eyes feel dry after LVC, what can I do?

This is not unexpected in the first few weeks (even months sometimes) after LASIK. Think of your eye as a fish. It likes water! The more lubricated, the better. There are many over the counter artificial tears products you can use. Some are viscous in a gel form that you can use at night. The best way to know which is most appropriate for you is to try. It is difficult to know if one product will help you more than another. If eye drops are not sufficient, your doctor can place a microscopic insert in the tear drainage canal to help keep your own tears on the surface of your eye for longer. This is a very simple procedure done in the office.

When can I put make-up on?

Many are anxious to put make up on as their eyes are not hiding behind glasses anymore. There is no hard and fast rule. You can imagine that nobody has done a study on this but 3 days are more than enough.

When can I go diving after LASIK?

You can go diving as soon as 2 weeks after surgery. There are no issues with diving or going to high altitude after LASIK.

How soon can I smoke or drink alcohol?

It is ok to smoke or drink alcohol as soon as you wake up from the 4 hours nap after lasik.

I was told I have \u201ccells under my flap\u201d, should I be concerned?

It is not uncommon to have some cells infiltrate themselves under the lasik flap especially after a repeat laser procedure. In the majority of cases, we just observe them and they go away on their own. About a couple of times a year, we do lift somebodys LASIK flap to clean under. This is not a significant complication if managed appropriately.

I am noticing some rings around light when I drive at night, is this normal?

Most patients will notice this in the first few weeks after the procedure. If you have been told before the laser procedure that you are more at risk for it than others, this may last longer. There are some things that can be done to help in the meantime. This includes some eyedrops to use in the evening. Inquire with your doctor as every situation is different.

What are warning signs that something is not right?

An easy acronym to remember about warning signs after any eye surgery is RSVP: R- Redness S- Sensitivity to light V- Vision reduction P- Pain If you experience any of these symptoms, you should inform your surgeon. Keep in mind that all these symptoms are normal and to be expected in the first few days after LASEK (and PRK – epilasik).

I had LASIK today, my eyes are stinging and burning, is this normal?

Yes, it is very normal to have such a sensation on the first day. Typically the eyes are quite comfortable the next morning.

It has been 1 week after LASEK and my vision is still a bit blurry?

It is not unexpected for some people to heal slower than expected. This is not a cause of concern. It will ultimately get there. That said, it is better to ask your surgeon so they can assess your individual situation.

My eye drops sting when I instill them, is this ok?

Yes, this is normal. You may even notice a metallic taste in your mouth as the excess drops drain through the nose to the throat.

Can I remove the contact lens that was placed during LASEK?

Unless instructed by your surgeon, it is better to leave it in place even if it feels uncomfortable. The contact lens is usually kept for about a week. On occasion, we instruct patients to take it off themselves if we decide to keep it for longer than 1 week.

How fast is the recovery from LASIK vs LASEK (or PRK-EpiLASIK)?

My patients usually drive themselves in the next morning after LASIK. This is not the case after LASEK. It may take few days for them to be able to drive again. Similarly working at a computer may be a bit blurry for few days after LASEK. We tell LASEK patients to make arrangements as if they are not going to be able to work for 1 week, if they elect to do one eye at a time, they may be able to go back to work as early as the next morning.